Export Compliance

Export Compliance

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Ryan Cleckner
Ryan Cleckner

About the Instructor

A True Gun-Guy

Ryan Cleckner served as a special operations sniper team leader with the U.S. Army's elite 1st Ranger Bn. (1/75) on multiple combat deployments. Ryan is a graduate of the premier Special Operations Target Interdiction Course (SOTIC), among other military training courses, and has taught snipers and police sharpshooters from around the world. He is the best-selling author of the Long Range Shooting Handbook, he writes firearm related articles for RECOIL Magazine and TheTruthAboutGuns.com, he hosts the Going Ballistic podcast, he has a number of instructional YouTube videos on long range shooting, and he can do this:

A Firearms Industry Expert

Ryan is a firearms attorney and a firearm industry executive. He managed federal government relations for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, he was a Vice President of Remington Outdoor Company (Remington Arms and Ammunition, AAC, DPMS, Bushmaster, Dakota, Marlin, and more) overseeing all firearm compliance matters, and he was a voting board member of the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturer's Institute (SAAMI). In addition to running RocketFFL, he is also an attorney with the country's premier firearm compliance program, FFLGuard.

A Passion for Teaching

Ryan loves to teach. He taught for years as a sniper instructor and as adjunct faculty teaching outdoors-realted courses at a local college. In addition to his firearms compliance courses and FFL guides available through RocketFFL, he continues to teach firearm-courses, write books and articles, host the Going Ballistic Podcast, and create videos. He also teaches Constitutional Law at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, AL.

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